A site devoted to creating metal adornments shaped by fire.

Life began in a horse crazy frenzy! Instead of college I asked the folks for money to go to riding school. They acquiesced and now I was a trainer, an instructor and an Eventer (look it up as it pertains to silly things people do on horseback). I also began triathlon-ing. (Look that one up, too, as it pertains to silly things people do on bicycles, etc) When it became obvious I'd never get rich doing the "horse thing", I enrolled in nursing school, although I never once thought of being one. It was fortuitous... I applied on the day the program began and they had one spot open! Soon I was a nurse who loved critical care medicine, and I did that for 38 years. I grew weary when taking care of people turned Big Corporate. It was terribly difficult to do the TLC thing! Yes, I'm that old, and between falling from horses, falling from bicycles, and lifting barbaric-surgery-sized patients...I hurt my back. I had pain and had to retire... And my active lifestyle stopped.


I began making jewelry 20 years ago. Apart from a Jewelry Designer's Certicate from the New York School of Design, I am self taught. Being a voracious reader of books on design and techniques, I do a lot of experimenting through trial and error! I'm an expert on what doesn't work! It's through this process that many unique and pleasing pieces are wrought.

Refiner's Fire is the line I've started after a stint of beading many lovely pieces. That market was so saturated with the same lovely jewelry; it was hard to stand out! I bought a book on Fold Forming years ago and never read it. Its an ancient technique that is very labor intensive and physically demanding. It centers around moving metal with a heavy tool, using a torch to soften the metal, and repeat; upwards of 50 times to move the metal where you want it (and recognizing it's inate behaviors and working with that little detail). To say I've formed an intimate relationship with each piece I make is a gross understatement! My tools include torches, anvils, and a number of hammers. Stones, shells, bone, and wood may be used to enhance my pieces. My work has an ancient Celtic flair yet is current and edgy!

I love custom orders and they're not something I take lightly. A large part of the process is listening to you, my customer, to hear what it is you want to convey. Its more than just special colors or shapes, although these are important components. What is the emotion or sentiment you want to convey without using words?

Thank you for visiting my shop and listening to my story. I know you'll find pieces of adornment for yourself or a special piece to give as a gift!

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